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Safe and Secure Shopping

Thousands of customers have shopped online with us and using your credit card to make purchases with us is completely safe and secure. At, we value your sensitive personal information and guarantee that your online payments are totally protected. relies on SSL (the Secure Sockets Layer), an advanced encryption system. SSL ensures that only can view the personal information provided by a customer. You’ll never have to worry about anybody else seeing your private info while shopping with us.

Still unsure about using your credit card on the internet? Believe it or not, the truth is that shopping online is actually safer than shopping at a physical retail location! Thanks to the rapid encryption of all credit card information immediately after submission, only authorized users at are able to view this sensitive information.

As a consumer, you are also protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. This Act prevents banks from holding you liable for anything more than $50.00 worth of fraudulent charges. In order to ensure your satisfaction as our valued customer, we cover the entire liability (up to $50.00) on the off-chance that your bank holds you accountable for any amount up to that figure. Please note that our liability coverage is only valid if the unauthorized use of your credit to make purchases at occurred through no fault of your own while using our secure web server.

If you suspect the unauthorized use of your credit card, immediately notify your credit card provider under the company’s standard reporting procedures in order to put a hold on all credit card payments until the issue has been resolved.