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Finding the Patio Set for You

Cultures all around the world share in the pleasure of hosting friends and family on their patios and lounging around on a chic, comfortable patio set during a particularly beautiful day. It makes perfect sense, of course - we humans belong outdoors, and a porch or patio is just an extension of our homes. It's only natural that we equip it with the comforts of home!

Since everybody has their own tastes, styles and habits, there's no "one size fits all" patio set, but we here at are proud to carry a generous variety of different patio furniture. Whether you're a mellow lounger who loves to laze away a quiet afternoon on a comfy patio bed, loveseat or - the ultimate! - a hammock, or you prefer playing host over cocktails while the boys barbecue, we've got you covered with the highest quality patio tables, umbrellas, ottomans and accessories that will get everyone relaxed and speak volumes about your sense of class.

Our support is second to none and we have knowledgable experts on live chat standby to answer all of your questions and help you pick out the perfect patio set!

Featured Patio Set Products

Furnishing your Patio with the Right Furniture

Just as we seek the most comfortable family room or living room furniture possible to enjoy our time indoors, we likewise look for a beautiful and functional patio set to furnish our outdoor living spaces.  Your outdoor furniture set doesn’t just fill the open space but it is actually the most important ingredient in creating an atmosphere where family and friends can come together and enjoy each other’s company, eat, drink and relax.  An atmosphere of intimacy and sharing begins with your selection of the perfect outdoor patio set.

There are several questions to answer when determining how large and what type of patio set you need to help create an outdoor setting that is inviting and irresistible.

What is the purpose of an outdoor patio set?  Are you thinking of happy times with the family or do you enjoy entertaining friends over cocktails and good wine?  Keep the following considerations in mind and you’ll soon be lounging and enjoying the weather in perfect style!


There are many sizes available. A small patio set or bistro will seat two people comfortably beside a pool or sauna.  You determine whether you need a 3-piece, a 5-piece, or a 7-piece patio set by the number of family members, number of friends you plan to entertain and the available space.  Always measure your area first to avoid buying an outdoor set that is too large.  Since the outdoor are all about wide open space, this helps avoid a feeling of being cramped!

What’s in the budget?

Determine your budget for a new patio furniture set and try to stick to it.  You’ll enjoy your new outdoor furniture more if you find a great bargain.  If your budget limits you to a cheap patio set, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality; there are plenty of inexpensive yet excellent ensembles available.  Besides, you can always upgrade later. 

Shopping online

Now if you really want to save money, shop online.  Online shops almost always run better sales and discounts than in-store retailers.  End-of-the-season sales, in particular, offer several clearance patio furniture sets within your budget.

If you’ve done a lot of shopping online for smaller items and have never considered ordering larger items such as furniture, any reservations you have are totally understandable but equally unfounded!  The truth is that the chance of finding the perfect set within your budget grows exponentially when shopping online.  Why is that?

1]  There’s a huge selection of thousands of patio furniture sets from across the country or another part of the world.

2]  Shipping costs will be a factor in your decision, but the costs in shipping the patio set directly to your door may equal the cost of your local sales tax and delivery costs. 
3]  Selecting one from clearance patio furniture sets online may help you upgrade to a better set and cover the shipping costs without going over budget.

We’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at and look forward to helping you make great memories with friends and family while lounging around in class on your patio.